The company MOSKASHOES.COM also known as ZPUH1969 was established in 1969. We are a family company, we are putting a strong emphasis on tradition and quality of products.

Boleslaw Moska is the founder and the owner of the company. Today company is managed by the younger generation of the family.

Our company specializes in the production, distribution and sales, both retail and wholesale; shoes and belts for weightlifting and powerlifting. We are proud to say that our shoes and belts were used by the most successful Polish and foreign athletes.

In our almost 50 year history we have cooperated with companies like: Eleiko Sport, as well as with other leading companies on the Polish and global markets.

Our biggest foreign customers are: France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA, Canada, Australia and recently Spain. The main advantage is that all of our products are handmade, according to the best principles of artisanal crafts.

We hope that our products will contribute to a number of sporting success.

Thank you for your interest and we invite you to take advantage of our offer.